Why Nails?

For 40 odd years I have been a dedicated nail biter, then I just up and quit. Now I am obsessed with nails, and polish and all that lovely stuff.So this is just a blog about my nails, a record of the mani's I do, and maybe some cool stuff I find elsewhere.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Burgundy is the new Red?

According to fashion mags Burgundy is the 'in' colour for the next season, I'm down with that, as you know a deep vampy red is my favorite colour, add a touch of purple and I am in vamp heaven.
So with that in mind, and the fact that due to new job and stress over Uni placements I have been neglecting you , if not my nails, here is ....

This is a lovely dark red from Rimmel Pro called 'Celebrity bash'. Maybe not dark enough to be a true vamp, but dried blood like it is, so I say Yay!
The spiral pattern is done by hand with Amazing Shine silver nail art pen, £5 from Amazon and available in Gold and Red as well, easy to use and handy for those not confident with brushes.
Top Coat is Seche Vite...as always these days :D
In other news, my place at University of Brighton is now confirmed, so roll on September, if any of you are going there, find me and i'll do your nails for you ;).

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