Why Nails?

For 40 odd years I have been a dedicated nail biter, then I just up and quit. Now I am obsessed with nails, and polish and all that lovely stuff.So this is just a blog about my nails, a record of the mani's I do, and maybe some cool stuff I find elsewhere.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

El Ombre!

I have been having a nightmare time with my thumbnails lately. Of all my fingers they are the ones with the most badly damaged nails, the nail beds themselves are soft and porous, which means the surface has to be filed, they are flattened from the years of biting, and although they are improving, the sides are still in a parlous state. This means if any nail is going to break at the quick, its usually and often, my thumbnails.
I mostly to resort to silk wrapping whilst a break grows out, which is a REAL pain when continuously changing nail polish, and have yet to find a decent nail repair kit. I am currently trying daily applications of Sally Hansen's 'Hard as wraps' (clear) but I have to say I am unimpressed thus far, nail polish chips within hours! despite heavy application of Seche Vite.

Despite current nail trials, I have a nice Ombre mani at the moment,
Layer 1: is a frankenpolish because I couldn't find a milky coffee light enough.
Layer 2: Rimmel Pro 'Beige Babe'
Layer 3: 2True shade No 38 (it's a dark brown....duh!)
Layer 4: Orly 'Chocolate Martini....a truly lovely copper foil type.

I did make one or two boobs because the 2true did not apply well with a sponge... it seems to dry REALLY fast...but i don't really mind , some things look better when they are not perfect.

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