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For 40 odd years I have been a dedicated nail biter, then I just up and quit. Now I am obsessed with nails, and polish and all that lovely stuff.So this is just a blog about my nails, a record of the mani's I do, and maybe some cool stuff I find elsewhere.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Postal Stash

eek I am sooo excited I can hardly breathe...ok slight exaggeration, but not by much. The problem with Bank holidays is the post is always delayed, by days...the good thing about Bank holidays is the delayed post always turns up almost all at once...yep we have an Ebay delivery en masse!
Nail Polish? what on earth makes you think that?


this has of course brought to an end the Seche Vite trial, can't be helped need to play with new polish.
However, some comments:
Although there wasn't any noticeable shrinkage, this may have been due to the fact the mani was already set and a day old.
It's still shiny, oh so shiny and the drying time did impress, the price doesn't and I am not sure the benefits justify the price for me, however, I shall be using a Rimmel hi gloss topcoat next to compare.
Tip damage from use is the same on all the nails, so it has not proved any more durable in that sense than the cheaper one.
Oh! and here is a picture of the stash, including my first Essie a little holo mini, and my first China Glazes, has to be done ( also peaking out on the right, yeah, a duplicate BarryM... that's what happens when you go shopping and cant remember what you ordered).

and now for the mani, it was so hard to choooose *sob* but I picked the china glaze because I had heard such good things, and as there is no sun it made sense not to test out the holo's yet.
I used two coats of China Glaze 'watermelon rind' as a base coat, this flowed on like a dream, I can't tell you how impressed I was, if only they had the Rimmel Pro Maxi Brush it would be perfection itself.
I topped this with a coat of Rimmel Pro Matte finish which gives a pretty cool effect over a semi-glitter.

( yes I have been biting my cuticles again, one step at a time ladies, I didn't bite the NAIL!)

Now came the fun part, I was eager to try out the Shredded Mani with Scotch Tape featured on Chloes Nails but I failed miserably.
Despite getting the scotch tape as un-sticky as I could, it wrecked two nails and I had to touch up the others with my trusty striping brush, and although the ones that did work gave nice crisp lines, I have to say it was just easy and quicker to do it by hand, so on my left hand I did.
Now if you are not confident with a striping brush, I get it, it could be an efficient way to do it, but for me it was too slow, too fiddly and a mess.
The China Glaze 'electrify' however did NOT disappoint, wow what a colour! now it is a glitter so all the issues that come with glitter apply, so my new fave BarryM is way better for gradients, but this POPS!

  ( and YES, I know, Cuticle chewing must STOP!)

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